Master thesis for faculty of Economics

Master thesis for faculty of Economics

Christian Acosta July 2, 2019

Contrary to the rather common opinion that the modern economy suffers from an excess of economists and their conflicting opinions about the current economic situation, experts in this area are still and probably will always be in the price. They usually lead the largest English and international enterprises, making strategic decisions. Leading economists also perform consultancy and ministerial functions in state administrations. Their knowledge and experience can not be overestimated, which is why economics should be considered an interesting and forward-looking course for people who feel strong enough to manage large enterprises and take direct responsibility for their financial effects. Economics is an interesting science due to the fact that, although it requires above-average mathematical abilities, it is based on social roots associated with decisions made by individuals. In this sense, in addition to mathematical analysis, economics also requires a good specialist to have an intuition to help make the right decision.

Description of the direction

At the foundation of the undergraduate and graduate studies in economics, there are exact sciences, first of all mathematics, statistics, logic, econometrics and probability calculus. They provide an introduction to getting to know more targeted subjects and issues, including micro and macroeconomics, corporate theory and consumer behavior, financial markets and financial intermediation. The contemporary economy is highly globalized, and this process is deepening, which is why it is increasingly important for future graduates to get acquainted with the conditions and laws governing economics on an international scale. As most of the sciences, economics do not function in a vacuum, the shape of the economy is influenced by state and international institutions, fiscal and economic law, monetary policy, foreign exchange markets and foreign trade. A good economist must be prepared to constantly deepen and update his knowledge in order to respond to the dynamically changing situation and market shaping factors. He should be an expert in the field of law and international relations. Certainly this is the direction for responsible, hardworking and persistent people who are able to estimate the level of risk. On the other hand, a professional approach and gaining proper economic knowledge brings us closer to success.

What are the prospects for a graduate in economics?

Already in the course of studies, a future graduate in economics has the opportunity to start his professional career through internship at a reputable company. Financial and consulting institutions, insurance companies and banks compete for the opportunity to fetch talented students and bind them with each other permanently. A professional in the field of economics constantly deepening his knowledge will easily find a job in both the public and private sectors. In fact, everywhere where innovation and the ability to manage the financial and organizational aspects of an institution or enterprise are required. Depending on the chosen specialization, graduates of economics find employment in, among others, insurance companies, investment funds, leasing companies, banks, real estate offices, or as tax advisors and accountants. A natural, though demanding professional direction is choosing the profession of a stockbroker. This work, although fraught with great responsibility and effort, is the essence of economic sciences. In addition, the best can get rich quickly.

Graduate profile

Economists considered the greatest professionals in their field are often invited to the media as experts in economic, financial and tax matters. Thanks to gaining popularity and authority, if they feel like it, they can try their hand at political career, which is perfectly illustrated by numerous examples from the English political scene. The road to success for students choosing economics is not easy, requires continuous education and information acquisition, but it guarantees a wide range of opportunities to manage your professional life, and in the case of the most talented professionals opens the door to a great career.

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