Master thesis for faculty of Administration

Master thesis for faculty of Administration

Christian Acosta July 5, 2019

Contrary to popular opinion, graduation in administration does not mean that you need to spend your entire career as a secretary or boring job of a lower-ranking official. For many years, the faculties associated with the administration have enjoyed great interest of high school graduates, precisely because of the opportunity to make an interesting career, which opens the diploma. Thanks to the acquired qualifications, graduates of the administration are waiting for well-paid work in public institutions, local government and government agencies or major corporations. After accession to the European Union, there was also a huge and unflagging demand for young, dynamic and foreign-speaking officials in European structures.

Description of the direction

What knowledge does the administrative graduate have? First of all, the choice of this direction ensures excellent theoretical preparation in the field of knowledge of the principles of functioning of European public institutions, English and international law and structures of state administration. However, above all, the administration enables the acquisition of valuable practice related to public procurement, tendering, budgeting. The future official also gains the important soft competences in his profession, such as creating and managing projects and managing the team. Thanks to the combination of independence and teamwork, an administrative graduate will easily find other professional areas.

What possibilities does the administration offer?

Regardless of the choice of specialization, each graduate of administration gains wide knowledge in such valuable fields as political science, media, marketing, law, management, European integration, local governments, political history and sociology. This comprehensive knowledge allows you to take up interesting work in both the public and private sectors as well as non-governmental organizations. However, to precisely manage your career, the administration allows you to choose one of many interesting specializations.

Local governments

Completing studies with the specialization of local government administration makes it much easier to take up employment in territorial administration units. It is an excellent choice for local patriots who want to use their knowledge gained at the base of their municipality, poviat or province, making key decisions for the city and region on budget management or using state and European subsidies on a daily basis. However, such specialization does not limit the graduate’s ability to the public sector – he will certainly find employment at specialist and managerial positions in local enterprises.

Goverment administration

The choice of this specialization ensures professional knowledge related to the day-to-day functioning of the highest state organs and opens the way to climbing the next levels of career in government administration. Among its graduates, the largest number of state officials holding positions in administrative and supervisory institutions is recruited. What’s more, thanks to the excellent theoretical preparation, the specialization in government administration is an excellent choice for those who dream of a political career.

Careers in international administration

The change in the realities accompanying accession to the European Union contributed to the increase in the popularity of international administration specialization. Many students in the field of administration are attracted by the benefits of career opportunities in European structures related to the inclusion of an attractive specialist position in Brussels and Strasbourg. A graduate of this specialization acquires practical knowledge in the area of European administration, diplomacy and negotiation techniques, priceless to effectively find himself in the intricate and complex structures of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Special jobs in the country are also waiting for specialists in the field of international administration, including those related to the management and use of European funds or conducting negotiations at the level of European Union.

Public services

For students who are more interested in domestic affairs, an interesting alternative is the specialization in the administration of public and municipal services. Its completion opens before the graduate at least two attractive career paths. The first concerns work on a managerial or specialized position in the broadly understood public services sector, ranging from transport, water management to healthcare and cultural institutions. Other opportunities are provided by work in the private sector or a non-governmental organization, where a specialist well versed in public administration matters and a specialist familiar with the specificity of state institutions will find himself perfectly in the role of a person representing the enterprise in cooperation with the state sector. Work in administration offers, therefore, a wide range of possibilities related to directing one’s career and real impact on local, state and even international matters.

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