Master thesis about Banking

Master thesis about Banking

Christian Acosta July 4, 2019

Banking is widely regarded as one of the most forward-looking fields of study. It is an ideal choice for people who deal well with exact sciences who want to use their predispositions for practical purposes. Three-year undergraduate and two-year master’s degree studies provide an in-depth knowledge of the principles of banking systems, types of financial operations, as well as risk management. The growing competitiveness on the banking market, both in terms of the number of operating entities as well as available financial services and products, means that the demand for qualified specialists in the field of banking is still growing.

Description of the direction

The five-year banking studies guarantee the graduate an excellent knowledge of all aspects of work in the banking industry, which in recent years, along with the technical progress and expansion of the offer with new products have significantly evolved. At the core of the studies are general subjects: mathematics, accounting, statistics, logic and probability. However, they are only a prelude to the knowledge of specialist industry knowledge related to money and capital markets, trading in assets and liabilities, financial products such as loans, loans, savings deposit accounts. Additionally, the rules of trading in shares and bonds, rules of internal and external audit, banking law, risk management and methods of financial analysis, or currency markets. But modern banking goes far beyond the traditional, dedicated areas of knowledge, requiring specialists to know standards of customer service, electronic systems and banking services, and even knowledge of banking marketing. International financial markets are now very important. For these reasons, the newly-minted banking graduate gains some advantage at the start, resulting from the expanded capital of knowledge acquired during his studies.

What future is waiting for banking graduates?

Not every student can enjoy such an interesting career prospect as a future graduate in banking. The dynamically developing banking sector absorbs thousands of gifted university graduates every year, where first of all career in banks awaits. The professional quickly passes the next levels from positions related to ongoing customer service, through the analyst’s work, up to the leading positions in leading financial institutions. In addition, at every stage, apart from competitive remuneration, you can count on lucrative bonuses.

But this is not the only way. Banking graduates are willingly employed in analytical positions in insurance companies and institutions specializing in financial intermediation and consulting. Losing positions in state-owned companies are also waiting for the best. It is estimated that the demand for highly qualified bankers will continue to grow in the coming years. International career

Specialists who speak foreign languages have a chance to make a career in international financial institutions. This makes it much easier for the European Banker’s Certificate, thanks to which it is possible to take a specialist position abroad.

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